Where can I find more information about the ESPOL admission process?

You can find more information about the ESPOL admission process on the following page: 

How many hours of pre-professional internship do I need to complete?

You must complete a total of 336 hours, of which 240 are pre-professional business internships and 96 are pre-professional community service internships. You can find more information about pre-professional Internships on the following page: 

Who can I contact if I have academic questions regarding the degree I am studying?

For academic inquiries, regarding the degree you are studying, you can make inquiries to the coordinator of the degree by email with a copy to the subdean - Karen Yambay de Armijos, M.Sc.    and the executive assistant - Katherine Escobar Pesantes, Ing. 

Civil Engr. - Walter Hurtares, M. Sc. 
Geology - Peter Olaya Carbo, M. Sc. 
Mining- Silvia Loaiza Ambuludi, Ph. D. 
Petroleum - Cecibel Castillo, M. Sc. 

What is the process to follow to enroll in the Research itinerary?

The student must communicate via email with the professor-researcher with whom he wants to collaborate and the professor will explain the process in detail.