The administration of the Faculty of Geosciences Engineering (FICT) is exercised, in their hierarchical order, by the following organizations and authorities:

Dean of the FICT: Eddy Sanclemente Ordóñez, Ph. D.
Sub-Dean of the FICT: Karen Yambay de Armijos, M. A.

Eduardo Santos Baquerizo, Ph.D., Principal1
Maurizio Mulas, Ph.D., Principal 2
Davide Besenzon Venegas, MSc., Principal 3

Currently, there are no alternate members


Eddy Sanclemente Ordóñez, Ph. D.

Greetings to our beloved polytechnic family, and especially to the Faculty of Engineering in Earth Sciences.   The pandemic tested us, leading to an increasingly resilient “new reality”. As a higher education institution, we have managed to ratify our commitment to teaching, research, innovation and, above all, to the social bond that is our reason for being. I firmly believe that quality education, focused on providing timely solutions to the needs of society, is the only tool that will allow us to build a more equitable country, and in turn, a more sustainable world for future generations. I invite you to visit our different communication channels and learn about our academic offer, focused on training upright and competent professionals, committed to the well-being of the human being and the care of nature. 


Karen Yambay de Armijos, M. A. 

Greetings on behalf of the Faculty of Engineering in Earth Sciences.     We are a work team that harmoniously combines teaching with innovation, research, tied with society, and updates in terms of new trends in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our students and their preparation are our priority. For this reason, we strive to offer an academic environment conducive to discovering, acquiring, and practicing new knowledge. We support our student chapters and encourage 21st century skills necessary to carry out their responsibilities in an orderly, collaborative, and caring manner. We maintain permanent contact with companies linked to our careers so that our students can train and carry out their internships. In addition, we support the training and academic growth of our teachers and students through scholarships and international agreements. The Faculty of Engineering in Earth Sciences is committed to searching for opportunities to offer academic programs aimed at the needs of the labor market and quality living standards. 


Civil Engineering 

Silvia Loaiza, Ph. D.
Cecibel Castillo, M. Sc. 
Walter Hurtares, M. Sc.
Peter Olaya, M. Sc

Mining Outreach Internship
Mining Professional Internship
Petroleum Outreach Internship
Petroleum Professional Internship
Civil Outreach Internship
Civil Professional Internship
Geology Outreach Internship
Geology Professional Internship

Daniel Garcés León, M. Sc.
Ing. Paulo Campoverde Muñoz
Cecibel Castillo Olvera, M. Sc.
Cecibel Castillo Olvera, M. Sc.
Lening Dender
Walter Hurtares Orrala, M. Sc.
Ing. Enrique Colmont Villacres
Ing. Bryan Salgado Almeida

Mining International Accreditation
Petroleum International Accreditation
Civil International Accreditation
Geology International Accreditation

Jorge Mendoza Sanz, Ph. D.
Andrés Guzmán Velásquez, M. Sc.
Samantha Hidalgo Astudillo, M. Sc.
David Altamirano Morán, M. Sc.

Samantha Hidalgo Astudillo, M. Sc.    

Samantha Hidalgo Astudillo, M. Sc.    

Kenny Escobar Segovia, M. Sc.    

Ing. Paulo Campoverde Muñoz

Freddy Carrión, M. Sc.

Organization Chart