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Frequent questions

Who can I contact if I have academic questions regarding the degree I am studying?

Make inquiries to the Coordinator of the career by email with a copy to the current Sub-Dean and to the Executive Assistant solicitudesfict@espol.edu.ec

Laboratories (equipment loan, use of laboratories)

What is the procedure?

1. To make the request for the loan of equipment belonging to the FICT Laboratories, the Tutor must send the request to the emails of the technicians/head of the laboratory with a copy to solicitudesfict@espol.edu.ec
2. You will receive an email with the confirmation of the dates (they may vary according to the availability of the equipment).
3. You will receive authorization by email from the Dean of FICT and Administrative Management.

How to apply for third registration?

Students must send the request for reclassification of the subject/exam to the email of the current Sub-Dean with a copy to the email solicitudesfict@espol.edu.ec.

Once the application is submitted, the student will be informed about the progress of the process via email.

*You can find the application form on the following page:

In which cases can the semester be canceled and what is the process to follow?

The cancellation of the semester must be carried out in accordance with the guide with the guidelines for the withdrawal of the subjects established in the framework of the Transitional Regulations for the development of academic activities in the Institutions of Higher Education, due to the state of exception decreed by the emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, issued by the Higher Education Council-CES through resolution RPC-SE-03-No.046-2020 adopted on March 25, 2020 (last reform May 6, 2020), and based on Article 28 of the ESPOL Grade Regulations.

*You can find the application form on the following page:

What is the process to follow to obtain the degree?

Students who have completed their curriculum and meet all its requirements must send their application* and documentation according to the information in the file attached below, which is modified depending on the corresponding term.

How can I register to be considered for a community service project?

1. Register and apply on the online academic platform.

2.The coordinator will be able to see the student in the list of available candidates, and will assign him to a community project where he meets the required profile.

You can find more information about the Community Service pre-professional Internships on the following page: