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Student clubs are multidisciplinary apolitical groups that offer to students of ESPOL the opportunity to develop in several knowledges. The diversity of the clubs enriches the social, cultural and educational experiences, generating great value for its members, the polytechnic community and the society in general, complementing in this way the academic and professional training.

Our list of clubs is constantly growing and the polytechnic students are invited to associate to them or to found a club that responds to their interests.



Founded in 1917, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists is currently the largest geological society of professionals in the world. Our members live and work in more than 100 countries, AAPG has been a pillar of the global scientific community, the student chapter AAPG- ESPOL was opened in 2007.


American Society of Civil Engineers Student Center - ASCE founded in 2016. Through its diverse activities and academic projects of technological and educational innovation, they work on a continuous improvement of the Civil Engineering student through their links with ASCE and Civil Engineering entities, to train leaders who build a better life.

If you want to know more about Civil Engineering, to deepen in one of its areas, to find a job or internship, to establish contact with people in Civil Engineering, to get involved in projects or spend unforgettable moments with amazing people, ASCE ESPOL is the place for students.



The IAHR, for its acronym in English means International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research; the association was founded in 1935 by an international group formed by engineers and specialists working on the field related to hydraulic and environmental sciences. In April 2012, the students who persue a bachelor's degree on Civil Engineering at the College of Geosciences Engineering at the ESPOL Polytechnic University, feeling curiosity and in need to be linked to the workfield of hydraulic and environment, decide to research which associations are handled abroad, in order to obtain related and updated information about the projects that are handled abroad; among them, the one with the greatest importance was the IAHR.



Responsible for monthly meetings dealing with topics in the form of committees, such as: -Commission Field Trips. -Commission of Student Programs. -Committee on development. -Committee of Advertising. At the end of the retinal period, a final report must be submitted, which must include the activities carried out by the student members, as well as the writing of scientific papers, encouraging students to research even within the university. Enlargement of members and how involve those who are not yet members, relations with the industry, etc. Enlargement of members and how to involve those who are not yet members, relations with the industry, etc. This report will be published on the SME website, where it will be in the public domain.


The main objective of the Society of Petroleum Engineers is to connect the industry with the academy, knowing that SPE is a community that congregates engineers, Ph.Ds, scientists and students related to the hydrocarbon area. The SPE community is present in 141 nations. In our country, the directory of SPE Section Ecuador includes directors of the companies that develop activities of exploration, exploitation and commercialization of hydrocarbons such as REPSOL, PETROAMAZONAS, ENAPSIPEC, AGIP, ANDES PETROLEUM, SCHULUMBERGER, HALLIBURTON, among others. There are clubs similar to ours along of all the universities that offer a petroleum engineering bachelor's degree in Ecuador. Our club is the first of the country, since it was founded on July 1, 1994 ESPOL Polytechnic University, where over the years has forged a story of commitment and hard work with the community.