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Geological Engineering

Geological Engineering is the branch of Engineering that deals with the resolution of problems related to the direct and indirect interaction of man with the geological environment, understanding it as the support of human activities.

Mision To train creative and deliberative professionals with solid knowledge in solving the national problems in Earth Sciences.

Generate, adapt and transfer knowledge related to geological activities.

Vision To be a leader and a good reference for higher education in the area of Geological Engineering in Ecuador and Latin America.


  • Apply mathematical, physical and chemical knowledge; as well as, knowledge of Earth Sciences and Geological Engineering.
  • Design or conduct experiments; as well as, analyze and interpret data related to Engineering in Geology and Earth Sciences.
  • Design geological cartography to meet needs within realistic constraints (economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, and uncertainty).
  • Use updated techniques and tools to solve engineering problems in Geology and Earth Sciences.
  • Understand the impact of engineering solutions in Geology and Earth Sciences, in a social, environmental, economic and global context.

Professional Profile / Educational Objectives

Collaborate in the solution of professional challenges at the national and regional level applying their knowledge of Engineering in Geology and Earth Sciences, considering the social, economic and environmental aspects, all framed in the ethical and moral.

Communicate effectively in both Spanish and English, working as part of specialized teams and / or multidisciplinary in various cultural environments.

Posing and leading the development and implementation of solutions linked to Geological and Earth Sciences Engineering, either as a manager of a business of its own or as an employee of a company and thus contribute to the welfare of different segments of society.

Acquire and improve skills, technical and scientific knowledge, throughout the professional life, taking into consideration the technological and scientific advances related to Engineering in Geology and Earth Sciences.

Egress Profile / Learning Outcomes

The student who completes the curriculum of the Geological Engineering Degree will have the following competencies:

A. Apply mathematical, physical, chemical and biological knowledge to analyze scientific ideas and data and solve geological problems.

B. Identify, describe and classify terrestrial materials (minerals and rocks), formations, fossils, geoforms and structures and interpret them in the context of geological processes.

C. Create, develop and interpret geological maps and original geological sections with appropriate symbols and legend, using technical measures and standard field equipment.

D. Work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

E. Analyze and report quantitative geological data collected in the field and in the laboratory, using modern analytical tools to solve geological problems.

F. Understand ethical and professional responsibility.

G. Communicate effectively orally and in writing in Spanish.

H. Communicate in English.

I. Use specific techniques such as field methods, analytical techniques and image and data processing to interpret materials, processes and history of the Earth.

J. Recognize the need, and have the ability to engage in lifelong learning.

K. Understand contemporary issues.

L. Recognize the need and have the skills to undertake.

(*) RAC (Career Learning Results)

(*) RAI (Institutional learning outcomes)


Program Enrollment and Degree Data

Table of freshmen students in the Geological Engineering program.

 List of undegraduate students since 2014. 




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